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Ulyanovsk project. Wind power is the future today.

With the help of our partner, the Fairvind RUS Company in the Ulyanovsk Region, the installation of the second wind farm - 14 wind generators with a total capacity of 50 MW has been completed. We are very pleased that our modest contribution is present in solving this difficult, modern and environmentally friendly task.


Ministry of Labor finalized projects on electronic workbooks


When an employer pays for the delay in issuing a work record: the practice is still ambiguous

Our team

Pride and foundation of our successful company – it is undoubtedly our staff! We offer you to get acquainted with our friendly team of professionals.

Chief Executive Officer of Business Consulting Group Lily Troshina 

Lily Troshina began her career in 1993. Working as an Chief accountant, as well as the Deputy Director General Lily Troshina demonstrated and developed her knowledge and professional skills in:
  • asset management;
  • preparation of reports for the business owners;
  • cost control, conducting the activities of cost price reduction;
  • accountancy of accounts receivable;
  • drawing up the budgets of different levels;
  • negotiating with financial institutions;
  • organization of work in the branches;
  • shaping and implementation of the form of the unified management accounting;
  • development and implementation of financial schemes, including involving the West credit institutions;
  • she got experience of the development, implementation and operation of management, accounting and tax from the very beginning;
  • as well as in tax planning and tax optimization, i.e. tax policy in general.

Lawyer Nikita Konovalov 

Nikita Konovalov – an experienced lawyer, who knows and loves his job. In Business Consulting Group Nikita Konovalov prepares contracts and other necessary documents for Ltd., ST, including the documents required for opening the settlement accounts in the banks. Also, Nikita Konovalov works with the funds SIF, PFR and FTS.

AccountantLubov Safronova

Lubov is a leading specialist in bookkeeping. She perfectly manages all versions of the 1:C programme. She has deep professional knowledge in bookkeeping and tax accounting of different types of business - as for basic company, as for companies under facilitated taxation. Lubov Safronova in a responsible manner and with a keen knowledge keeps books of wholesalers, retaining companies, building contractors and international business companies. In addition to the above Lubov Safronova is working to improve her special knowledge.

IT specialist Ivan Troshin

ivan.jpgIvan is a leading specialist in the company dealing with IT technologies and software. Particular attention in the professional work is paid by him to the efficiency increase of metalworking with the VeroSoftware solutions of CAD/CAM/CAE software, accompanying the design and manufacturing processes (RADAN, EDGECAM, VISI, WorkNC, PartXplore). Excellent education (the Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics (MTUCI) and the European diploma of the Baltic International Academy (Riga, the Republic of Latvia), wide experience in dealing with a variety of client problems and pursuit of perfection – it is a key of professional success of our Colleague.

Our friendly team consists not only of experienced and constantly developing professionals, but of positive and well-wishing people who love their job very much.