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Since July, the SZV-TD report must be submitted in a new form

The FIU has adjusted the form and procedure for filling out information on labor activity.


Fines 2021: what homeowners will have to pay for

Since January 1, 2021, several laws have come into force that will change the lives of apartment and house owners. For violation of the new norms, Russians will face sanctions, penalties, fines and even criminal punishment.


Executive holidays extended

Federal Law of July 20, 2020 N 215-FZ establishes the specifics of the compulsory execution of judicial acts, acts of other bodies and officials, as well as the return of overdue debts during the spread of a new coronavirus infection.

The Sudden Swiss Franc Movement or “Black Thursday”

The consequences of the decision of the Swiss National Bank, taken on January 15 led to the insolvency of major companies providing brokerage services - Alpari, FXCM, ExcelMarkets.

Such sudden movements led to exceptional volatility and sharp shortage of funds, in other words, the company's customers have suffered serious losses that exceeded the balance of their accounts.

These losses are passed to the brokers, which in its turn led to their insolvency. The companies Alpari, FXCM, ExcelMarkets were not the only ones who suffered losses.

Many other Forex brokers talk about significant losses: IG Group, FxOpen, FxPro, but these Forex brokers continue working without reporting of the-bankruptcy verge.

Is the bankruptcy awaiting the companies Alpari, FXCM, ExcelMarkets? We can only speak of insolvency at the moment. What awaits them in the future? We can only monitor the further developments. These events have affected to all Forex brokers.