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Milkmen of the Baltic States May Receive Additional Support from the EC in the 2015

Milkmen of the Baltic States may receive additional support due to the losses for the response of Russian embargo next year, reported a Deputy Chairman of “Zemnieku Saeima” Maira Dzelzkaleya on Thursday to BNS after a meeting with the Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development of the EU Phil Hogan.

During a meeting with the Commissioner Latvian farmers pointed to the unacceptability that the farmers of some regions pay for political decisions of Europe, as well as the need to resolve the situation in the Baltic States and Finland, she said.

“The Commissioner has promised support if necessary. The situation is monitored and if the issues of relations with Russia and search of new markets will not find a quick solution, then other measures would be considered”, said Dzelzkaleya, adding that the European Commission is studying the situation in Finland as well. Therefore, the farmers of this country can hope for some support.

According to her, the Latvian farmers are satisfied with the outcome of the conversation in general, positively evaluating the possibility of further cooperation with Hogan. “It was the first meeting with the European organizations of agriculturists to the Commissioner. He was very constructive, focused on the real solution and is willing to cooperate with the agriculture sector to make this common agricultural policy more user-friendly and easy for farmers, quickly solve the problems. In general, we liked the Commissioner. He convinced us that cooperation can be real and constructive”, said she.

She added that it will be known on December 8 whether the Latvian farmers receive support in the coming year, when the European Parliament will hold negotiations with the European Commission on the budget 2015.

It has been already reported that the European Union is intended to offer the dairy industry of the Baltic States aid package of more than 28 million euro to mitigate the impact of response Russian sanctions.

Funds of this package will be distributed among the Baltic States on the basis of the volume of milk production accordingly to the allocated quotas in 2013/2014. Dairy producers in Latvia can receive 7.7 million euro in accordance with this principle,

On August 7, Russia has imposed embargo for a year on the import of a number of categories of food from the EU, US, Australia, Canada and Norway in response to the sanctions imposed against it. It is related to the supply of beef, pork, fruits and vegetables, meat of poultry, fish, cheese, milk and milk products.