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Home - Bank of Russia maintains key rate at 7.75% per annum

The income tax return for 2020 must be submitted in an updated form

The IFTS finalized the declaration form, its format and the procedure for filling it out.


The government has prepared a project according to which the annual income is more than 5 million rubles. you need to pay personal income tax at a rate of 15%.

It is planned that the new rules will need to be applied starting with revenues generated in 2021.


The minimum wage for 2021 became known

The Ministry of Labor has established a living wage for the working-age population for the II quarter of 2020. It is equal to 12 392 rubles.

Bank of Russia maintains key rate at 7.75% per annum

The board of directors of the regulator decided not to raise the rate. This was facilitated by the level of inflation. As the Chairman of the Bank of Russia noted in the report on monetary policy, its level was lower than expected. According to the results of 2019, it will most likely amount to 4.7-5.2%.
The next meeting at a key rate will be held on June 14. On it, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation can lower the rate if the situation in the economy remains favorable. Although, as you know, the regulator takes into account many factors, for example, the geopolitical situation, oil prices. Therefore, the final decision of the Central Bank is difficult to predict.
Document: Information of the Bank of Russia dated 04/26/2019