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The income tax return for 2020 must be submitted in an updated form

The IFTS finalized the declaration form, its format and the procedure for filling it out.


The government has prepared a project according to which the annual income is more than 5 million rubles. you need to pay personal income tax at a rate of 15%.

It is planned that the new rules will need to be applied starting with revenues generated in 2021.


The minimum wage for 2021 became known

The Ministry of Labor has established a living wage for the working-age population for the II quarter of 2020. It is equal to 12 392 rubles.

Ulyanovsk project. Wind power is the future today.

With the help of our partner, the Fairvind RUS Company in the Ulyanovsk Region, the installation of the second wind farm - 14 wind generators with a total capacity of 50 MW has been completed. We are very pleased that our modest contribution is present in solving this difficult, modern and environmentally friendly task.

In the Ulyanovsk region, the installation of the second wind park was completed - 14 wind generators with a total capacity of 50 MW. Vestas wind turbines based on the platform V126-3.45 MW were used during construction. These are the first wind turbines in Russia that contain elements produced as part of the company's localization program for wind turbines: the nacelles were assembled in Nizhny Novgorod, the blades and the towers of the wind turbines were finished at the site of the wind park in Ulyanovsk. Vestas is a global technology partner of the joint Wind Energy Development Fund of the Finnish company Fortum and RUSNANO, which carry out the construction of the facility.
Simultaneously with the construction of a wind farm, a plant for the production of blades is being built. In the Ulyanovsk region, Westus Management Rus localizes the production of composite blades for wind turbines. The project partners are Vestas, RUSNANO and the Consortium of Investors of the Ulyanovsk Region, which includes the Ulyanovsk Nanocenter and the Region Development Corporation. The first blades will be produced in early 2019.
Sergey Morozov, head of the region: “In alternative energy, we see an opportunity not only to reduce dependence on hydrocarbon production, to reduce the burden on the environment, but also
diversify the economy, quickly increase the proportion of high-tech industries. And this is the most important strategic priority for the development of our state and our region. At the beginning of 2018, the first in the country industrial wind park with a capacity of 35 MW was commissioned in the Ulyanovsk Region. The construction of the second 50 MW wind farm began in the summer. And the installation of the wind farm is completed. Wind turbines of the new park will start generating energy in the first half of 2019.”
Alexander Chuvaev, Director General of UK Vetroenergetika LLC: “Completion of the installation of wind power plants is an important stage in the implementation of the Vetroenergetika UK project in the Ulyanovsk Region. A new wind farm will begin to produce clean energy in 2019. UVES-2 is the first sign of the large-scale investment program of the UK Wind Power Company, which provides for the construction of almost 2 GW of wind-generating capacity until 2023 "..
Alisher Kalanov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vetroenergetika Management Company: “We highly appreciate the active assistance of the management of the Ulyanovsk region in the implementation of investment projects in the field of wind energy. Next year, the first wind farm, built in the framework of the Fund for the Development of Wind Energy, will start work in the region. When creating a wind farm for the first time in Russia, the equipment of the world leader in the production of wind installations - the Danish company Vestas - was used. We are confident that the wind farm "RUSNANO" and "Fortum" in Ulyanovsk will become a model for more several regions where the Fund plans to launch new generating capacity using wind energy. ”
Kimal Yusupov, Director General of Westas Russia: “The timely and safe installation of the 14 wind turbines was made possible thanks to the coordinated and professional work of the team of the Wind Energy Development Fund and Westas. A distinctive feature of this wind park is the fact that we used components localized in Russia. The development of renewable energy in Russia is not only the commissioning of new energy facilities, but also the development of industry, education and science. ”

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We hope that our productive cooperation will bring new fruits in 2019!