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With the help of our partner, the Fairvind RUS Company in the Ulyanovsk Region, the installation of the second wind farm - 14 wind generators with a total capacity of 50 MW has been completed. We are very pleased that our modest contribution is present in solving this difficult, modern and environmentally friendly task.


Ministry of Labor finalized projects on electronic workbooks


When an employer pays for the delay in issuing a work record: the practice is still ambiguous

Ministry of Labor finalized projects on electronic workbooks

The ministry decided to abandon the idea to complete the transition to electronic format by 2027.
The following scheme was originally proposed:
- since 2020, employers are simultaneously electronic and paper workbooks;
- from 2021 they begin to gradually move away from the usual format;
- since 2027, paper books have finally stopped being kept.
Now the Ministry of Labor does not name the final date of transition to the electronic version. After January 1, 2021, two book formats will remain for employees who have filed an application about this. For those who first come to work from January 1, 2021, only electronic format will be used.
When finalizing, the Ministry of Labor also clarified how often it is necessary to send information to the FIU. Previously it was planned that in 2020 it would have to be done monthly, and from 2021, every time after changing information about the employee.
Now it is not proposed to make the dates dependent on the calendar year. The data will need to be submitted on a monthly basis, with the exception of information on admission or dismissal. It will need to be reported to the FIU no later than the next business day after the issuance of the relevant order.