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Palm oil, fruits and berries: VAT rates will change from October 1

A law has been published in which there are two amendments


MPs adopt amendments stabilizing fuel prices

Thanks to the amendments, gasoline, diesel and kerosene prices will be less exposed to pressure from world oil prices.


Deputies adopted amendments to simplify work with online cash registers in third reading CCP outside the place of settlement

They will expand the list of cases when it will be possible to use an online cash desk located outside the place of settlements.


New Year 2018

Before New Year's Holidays we at the initiative of Heads of our Companies, become already good tradition, have wished collective and pupils of the Lyubertsy House of the Baby a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
As always we tell MANY THANKS to "The kind wizard" Karakhanyan Samvel Gurgenovich, the President of Barshchevsky and Partners Bar, for fantastic sweet gifts, heat, kindness and generosity!
We wish to ALL staff of Board, the House of the Baby and ALL REMARKABLE PUPILS of the House of a good health, great mood, the world, love, harmony, progress and pleasure!

Yours faithfully and gratitude, Management and staff of JSC Business Consulting Group.


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