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Five new super service prototypes introduced

Prototypes of super services appeared on the government services portal


In 2021, entrepreneurs may pay premiums of almost 11%

Now in the Tax Code of the Russian Federation the sizes of fixed insurance premiums for individual entrepreneurs are established until 2020 inclusively.


Information on the average number of employees will be included in the calculation of contributions

A bill has been submitted to the State Duma, which proposes to adjust the procedure for submitting information on the average number of employees. 


A Saturday cleaning

Dear friends!

We would like to share a pleasant event of the life of our office. On Saturday, 17th of October our friendly team organized a Saturday cleaning to clean Malachowski forest. We would like to say special thanks to Andrey Pavlovich Haritonov for assistance in organizing of this useful and noble event.

Let our world will be clean!


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