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New measures to support small and medium-sized businesses in Moscow became known

The city authorities have adopted another package of measures to support business in connection with the spread of coronavirus and the introduction of high alert.


The President proposed additional measures to support business, citizens and medical staff

During a meeting with regional leaders to combat the spread of coronavirus in Russia, the president proposed a number of new measures.


Five new super service prototypes introduced

Prototypes of super services appeared on the government services portal


A wheelchair for Ruslan

Dear friends!

Kuzhantaev Ruslan living in the Lyubertsy Baby House (we recently wrote about him) needs your help! He needs a wheelchair for children for more or less full life and development!

A wheelchair for children with a tilt of the seat for children from 4 to 12 years will be suitable for Ruslan. The wheelchair has a unique opportunity to adjust the size of the wheelchair as the child grows, so it will serve a long time to Ruslan.

The wheelchair also has the following characteristics:
  • A foldable frame of aluminium alloy
  • Adjusting backrest
  • Adjusting of the width, depth and tilt of the seat
  • Removable armrests, adjustable in height
  • Rotating footboard holders with supports for the feet, adjustable in tilt and height

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