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Five new super service prototypes introduced

Prototypes of super services appeared on the government services portal


In 2021, entrepreneurs may pay premiums of almost 11%

Now in the Tax Code of the Russian Federation the sizes of fixed insurance premiums for individual entrepreneurs are established until 2020 inclusively.


Information on the average number of employees will be included in the calculation of contributions

A bill has been submitted to the State Duma, which proposes to adjust the procedure for submitting information on the average number of employees. 

Long weekend ahead of November

This year, National Unity Day falls on Monday.

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Ministry of Economic Development plans to increase deflator coefficients for 2020

The project is undergoing public discussion.

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Federal Tax Service approved a new form of calculation of insurance premiums

An order was issued by the tax department with a new RSV form, the procedure for filling it out, and the electronic submission format

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World Paramusic Festival 2018.

Dear Friends, we are sharing with you our strongest positive emotions associated with
10th anniversary World Paramusic Festival ..

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 In July, in Russia, they became obligatory for using online cash registers. In this regard, it is necessary to take into account a number of changes related to settlements between organizations and IPs, the reception of personal and non-personal payments from individuals, requisites of the check and its correction, trade through vending machines, advances and loans. About these and other changes that occurred on July 3, read in our review.

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Crypto currency

Today's article, we begin a series of materials on the crit. This new and modern economic concept is widely heard by everyone, but hardly many people understand and will be able to explain the essence of the crypto-currency. It's time to clarify this topic for ourselves ... We, modern and inquisitive people, have a lot of questions on this subject that we would like to find out for ourselves: blockade, bitcoin, the basic characteristics of the crypto-currency market, the history of the emergence of this market, other representatives of the crypt, industry.

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Changes in a form 2-NDFL for the 2017th year.

After the termination of the 2017th year taxpayers as however it usually also happens, have faced innovations which concern fresh changes in a form of filling and submission of annual declarations.

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New rules of filling documents On May 25th, 2017, the Resolution No. 625 of the Government of the Russian Federation has approved changes in annexes No. 1 and 2 to the Resolution of the government of the Russian Federation of December 26, 2011 No. 1137. "About forms and rules of filling (maintaining) the documents applied at calculations for a value added tax". Read more
How Latvian Choose Housing There are national characteristics of holidays, business, hunting, shopping and others. It turns out that there are national characteristics of property purchasing to the residents of Latvia. Before the New Year's Eve, they were summarized by the DNB bank's employees, whose daily work is connected with the assessment and the provision of mortgage loans. Read more
Expert: The Real Estate Market of Latvia is Sick Using medicine terminology, we can say that the Latvian real estate market is currently sick. It will recover only when all transactions will be concluded at fair market value, and those whose expectations are too high, will leave. Such an opinion has Igor Danilevich, the real estate market expert, member of the Latvian Association of Real Estate, Member of the Board of LLC Real Estate Jurmala.
According to him, the market and those who work on it, need to accept this diagnosis, call a spade a spade and endure in order to return with new strength and experience. Read more
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