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New measures to support small and medium-sized businesses in Moscow became known

The city authorities have adopted another package of measures to support business in connection with the spread of coronavirus and the introduction of high alert.


The President proposed additional measures to support business, citizens and medical staff

During a meeting with regional leaders to combat the spread of coronavirus in Russia, the president proposed a number of new measures.


Five new super service prototypes introduced

Prototypes of super services appeared on the government services portal

Air transport

Aircraft is the most profitable transport for transporting goods to Russia. Aircraft can carry up to 50 kilograms of goods for personal use, and their value should not exceed 10,000 euros. On other types of transport it is allowed to carry goods with a lower total weight and cost, so if you need to bring a lot of products or things, it is best to buy a plane ticket.
If the standards for an individual are exceeded, you will have to pay customs duties and taxes in the amount of 30% of the cost of the goods, - Please note that the amount will be at least 4 euros per 1 kilogram of weight.
There are also limits for food: you can import up to 5 kilograms of plant products into Russia (this does not include seeds, seeds, planting material and potatoes), as well as up to 5 kilograms of animal products (but it’s crucial that they are in the factory packaging).
You can smuggle tobacco products duty free. True, their number is limited. In particular, you can choose to bring to Russia 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 250 grams of tobacco or a little of all these products - so that their total weight does not exceed 250 grams.
You can import currency into Russia, but there is a limitation: the amount should not exceed $ 10,000 in equivalent, - This is the total amount of cash and traveller's checks. If you import more than the specified amount, money and checks will have to be declared.
Please note that promissory notes, bank checks and bearer securities are subject to mandatory declaration, and it does not matter how much. But the money that is on your card does not need to be declared.

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