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Palm oil, fruits and berries: VAT rates will change from October 1

A law has been published in which there are two amendments


MPs adopt amendments stabilizing fuel prices

Thanks to the amendments, gasoline, diesel and kerosene prices will be less exposed to pressure from world oil prices.


Deputies adopted amendments to simplify work with online cash registers in third reading CCP outside the place of settlement

They will expand the list of cases when it will be possible to use an online cash desk located outside the place of settlements.

Crypto currency

Today's article, we begin a series of materials on the crit. This new and modern economic concept is widely heard by everyone, but hardly many people understand and will be able to explain the essence of the crypto-currency. It's time to clarify this topic for ourselves ... We, modern and inquisitive people, have a lot of questions on this subject that we would like to find out for ourselves: blockade, bitcoin, the basic characteristics of the crypto-currency market, the history of the emergence of this market, other representatives of the crypt, industry.
So, let's start from the beginning ...
The concept and essence of the crypto currency.
Crypto currency or, as it is also called, "electronic cash" is a virtual monetary unit, which is measured in digital coins (coin). These coins consist of data packets, i.e. encrypted information, protected from copying and forgery.
   Generate the information underlying the electronic coins, anyone can, if he has a powerful computer and simple software. The process of production of crypto currency is called "mining", we'll talk about it separately in the next article. In official language, the process of issue (issue) of the crypto currency is decentralized and does not have a single issuer.
   At the time of appearance, crypto-currencies were often confused with electronic money used in popular payment systems. This is fundamentally different things, because each unit of standard electronic money is associated with money ordinary, i.e. physical - notes that you can touch. And for their transformation into electronic currency, these bills need to be put on the account through the terminal, changing the form of their presentation.
Crypto currency is originally born in the network. It does not have physical carriers and material embodiment. At the same time, together with the lack of physical carriers, the crypto-currency does not have any resources, like gold and currency reserves, gross national product and other.
As a consequence, the limitation of its emission is laid down in the source code on which coin is built, otherwise, from the continuous release, they would lose their value and depreciate.
On the course of the Crypto-currency, their value in real money transfer is influenced by the ratio of demand and supply in the market. In practice, initially a limited number of cryptonyms, coupled with a decentralized but complex and energy-consuming process of output, lead to the fact that demand, at the moment, significantly exceeds supply.
From this, the rate of crypto-currency (at least, the most famous and reliable) is growing, and the excitement around them does not abate.
   In order to understand the essence of crypto currency, you need to know how it is born. This acquaintance will immediately allow us to get answers to many questions. As it was said above, production of crypto-currency is called mining. In the next article, we will get acquainted with this concept and consider what it is like

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